We began as a distribution company more than 40 years ago. Today, we lead the industry, providing a suite of strategic solutions and innovative products to help you build your business.

Unisource's History


Unisource was founded when Alco Standard Corporation (“Alco Standard”) formed a distribution company that soon would become known as Unisource Worldwide, Inc. 


By the early 1980s, Alco Standard had become the most efficient, cost-effective, multi-product distributor in the country. In 1986,the company was the leading distributor of paper and office products.


Unisource, a division of Alco Standard, split from Alco Standard. Unisource then experienced rapid growth fueled by the acquisition of several top-rated local and regional distribution companies in North America.


Unisource was acquired by Georgia-Pacific Corporation, now owned by Koch Industries.


Bain Capital gained a 60 percent ownership of Unisource, and Georgia-Pacific retained 40 percent ownership.


Unisource Worldwide, Inc., is headquartered near Atlanta in Norcross, Georgia. We have offices and facilities around the globe and offer the most comprehensive suite of customer solutions in the industry. Our capabilities include:

  • Engineered packaging design
  • eBusiness technologies
  • Logistical expertise
  • Paper procurement services
  • Optimized facilities management
  • Sustainability best practices

We remain one of the largest independent distributors and marketers of more than 150,000 national and private-label products, including commercial printing and business imaging papers, facility supplies and equipment, and packaging materials and equipment in North America.

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Unisource’s Innovation and Sustainability Mission

We pride ourselves on the ability to lead the industry by taking a proactive approach throughout our company. We recognize and capitalize on market opportunities to offer you innovative solutions that take costs out of the system and return it to your bottom line.

What’s more, we are leading the industry into a sustainable future. We offer an expanding selection of eco-friendly products, tools and resources, delivered via eco-friendly channels, while promoting eco-friendly business practices.

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Corporate Headquarters:

6600 Governors Lake Parkway
Norcross, GA 30071

Customer Service

Toll Free 800-864-7687


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