You’ve got a lot on your plate in running your business from one day to the next. We realize that making your buildings clean and safe for your tenants and patrons is of the utmost concern. By partnering with us, you are insured of an efficient, environmentally-friendly cleaning and maintenance program.

It’s probably a safe assumption that the tenants across your properties, or maybe even within a building, cross many lines of business and serve varied markets. Some tenants are more discriminating while others may be more budget conscious. The expectations, requirements and needs of a law firm are very different from those of a state governmental agency. Unisource has the depth and breadth of expertise to meet the segmented needs of your tenant base with solutions customized for your budget, service levels and sustainability requirements. Our environmentally friendly, sustainable cleaning programs will reduce costs and help your efforts to achieve the US Green Building Council’s LEED certification.

Unisource offers you an incredibly valuable tool through our facility audits. We’ll establish a baseline of your current operations and prioritize your “pain points.” We’ll put together a package of solutions that create the best combination of effectiveness, satisfaction, safety, sustainability and sensitivity for both your cleaning staff and your tenants.


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Green Gauge Spend seconds, not hours, reporting on sustainable cleaning purchases at all your facilities.

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​Learn more about our eBusiness offerings with the Passport to eBusiness Solutions. Our goal is to provide a better understanding of how easy our systems are, and to remove that “mystery and anxiety” that so often surrounds this type of technology.

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