Unisource provides leading-edge cleaning solutions for a variety of industries while ensuring these solutions are “green” for the environment, safe for the worker, and utilized as efficiently as possible.​

Commercial cleaning chemicals today need to be not only safe for the environment but user friendly as well. That’s why Unisource doesn’t just sell chemicals; we provide total Chemical Management Systems.  As stronger chemical products are brought to market to address a variety of cleaning and health-related needs, safety becomes an ever-increasing issue. We understand that the lowest total cost solution can only be achieved when the right products are being used in the right way.

Our Chemtrol® Chemical Management System is a completely integrated approach to dispensing cleaning chemicals. It always provides for the correct dilution which means reduced waste. The system minimizes worker exposure to concentrated chemicals and keeps contaminants out of the air. It utilizes colors, numbers and symbols which take the guesswork out of managing chemicals. Training is easier and accidents are reduced. The ChemtrolMini® System integrates the concentrate container and dispenser to reduce the potential for accidents or release of contaminants into the air.  With the snap-on container you no longer need to draw concentrate through a tube from a separate container.

At Unisource we offer you the choice of a full line of national brands to give you the best quality products or our own private-label brands combining high quality with competitive cost for the best value. Our Chemtrol and ChemtrolMini systems use Unisource’s Respect™ cleaning chemicals certified by Green Seal™.

Count on Unisource to provide you leading-edge chemical management solutions.

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