Unisource is committed to helping you ensure the safety and health of your employees, customers and guests with effective safety and hazard supplies.​

The safety of your employees, customers and guests should be of critical importance. Unnecessary injuries, accidents, and health issues can have major consequences in terms of sick leave, productivity, medical expenses and potential legal costs. The public has come to expect a higher standard of safety and protection from employers and businesses today. That’s why it’s just good business practice to promote the healthiest and safest work environment possible. Meet those expectations with high quality safety and hazard supplies from Unisource.

We’ve got you covered with a full line of latex, vinyl, leather and knit gloves to safely address every situation from food or chemical handling to medical applications or manufacturing assembly. Our dust masks, aprons, shoe treads, shoe covers, glasses and goggles provide complete protection for any situation. Some medical environments can pose deadly risks. Our blood-borne pathogen kits can minimize workplace exposure to blood-borne diseases.

And don’t let unnecessary hazards like a wet floor trip you up. Unisource can minimize potential accidents with our sturdy signs and barriers to provide a word of warning or caution.

Rest assured that Unisource is on the job providing you the best in safety and hazard supplies.​

Unisource safety supplies
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