Unisource is committed to the issue of sustainability in providing innovative sanitary paper products that meet your performance and quality needs.

Sustainability has become a leading issue today with regards to disposable, paper-based products. It’s very important to many of us to know that the products we use and discard are safe for the environment. But if these products are not also soft, strong and absorbent then they’re truly not very appealing. Unisource is proud to be able to bring you the best of all worlds with our complete line of Respect™ towels, tissues and wipers.

Towels & Tissues

At Unisource we developed our innovative sanitary papers in line with our commitment to the issue of sustainability. We believe there should be an alternative to consuming a tree grown over 20 years to create something that is consumed in mere seconds. The answer lies in a focus on rapidly renewable resources. Our papers are derived from acacia, eucalyptus and other tropical woods that grow to maturity and are ready to harvest within 6 years of planting. And their short fibers are ideal for making an ultra-soft tissue.

Beginning in 2008, LEED standards for Towel & Tissue include “janitorial paper products derived from rapidly renewable resources or made from tree-free fibers.” This means that if your sanitary paper is derived from a rapidly renewable source of fiber, it qualifies for IEQ credit 3.3 in the 2009 LEED-EB rating system. Thanks to the US Green Building Council, you can meet the LEED requirement and still surpass your public’s expectations for comfort and performance.

Count on Unisource to provide you the best value in C-fold, multi-fold and roll towels, facial tissues, bathroom tissues and seat covers.


We know that some jobs require more than a paper towel and Unisource has the right products for those tougher applications as well. Our Industrial Wipers are made from discarded paper, nonwoven fabrics or recycled woven textiles. Reclaimed materials come from different sources such as mill ends, remnants, recycled napkins, tablecloths, bed linen, or even clothing. Sometimes called “disposables,” many Industrial Wipers can last through several days of heavy use. From food processing to aircraft manufacturing, our wipers will pass the test with flying colors.

At Unisource we also offer you the choice of a full line of national-brand towels, tissues and wipers from respected names like Georgia-Pacific, Kimberly-Clark and Kleenex.


How you get the product can be almost as important as the product itself. That’s why we offer you a broad range of towel and bath tissue dispensers to meet the needs of your employees, guests and customers. Whether your primary focus is image, efficiency or durability, Unisource has got you covered with manual or automatic dispensing solutions.

Sustainability. Quality. Performance. Count on Unisource to deliver the right products for your environment.

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