​​Colleges and universities are on the cutting edge of implementing sustainable operational changes like green cleaning programs. Higher Education Facility Managers are constantly pressed by students, faculty, and staff to find the most environmentally-friendly products and procedures to maintain the campus. What you need are products that have a strong sustainability story that can also save you labor time and costs.

The case of NC State

As North Carolina’s largest four-year institution, NC State is committed to creating a sustainable campus for its more than 40,000 students, faculty and staff. The result has been a leaner, stronger and smarter university that better fulfills its mission while using fewer resources. NC State is constantly looking for a way to answer student requests for more sustainable campus operations, while keeping costs down.

“I constantly review our purchases, looking for items that are more environmentally friendly,” said Brian Kazura, warehouse manager at NC State. “Can liners have been the items that we haven’t been able to source a more environmentally friendly option for without blowing our budget.”

Kazura brought his need to Mel Hughes, Facility Solutions Professional with Unisource, who suggested NC State trial a unique new can liner product from Revolution, which contains 100% Post Consumer material and offers a cost savings due to the stronger plastic resin used to make the liners.

Join the Revolution

“We tested the new liners in DH Hill Library, one of the largest buildings on campus, over several months.” says Karuza. The housekeeping department liked them, so he had the grounds team try them out also. After they approved, he discussed the products with the campus sustainability office. After reviewing Revolutions third party certification by SCS Global Services, they were on board also. The sustainability office promoted the conversion to the new product through their campus newsletter, and highlighted the change at the State Conference the following year.

The Revolution Story...

Revolution Bag is the first company to provide a complete line of EPA-compliant trash can liners that don't cost more and perform just as well as bags produced with virgin resin. Now you can meet EPA mandates and capture LEED points with your can liner purchases.

The key is with Revolution’s supply of post-consumer materials – a virtually endless quantity of consistent, high quality raw materials for recycling provided by parent company Delta Plastics. Delta Plastics makes a variety of agricultural plastics and pond liners that collected, washed, reground and then manufactured into Revolution Bags.​​

Revolution Bag cycle


Unisource, with 85 locations across North American and an extensive global sourcing infrastructure, has the resources to bring Colleges and Universities the right products to not only increase efficiencies and provide cost-savings, but also better answer student’s environmental expectations and provide an improved experience with their institution.

NC State case study
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