​The Director of Park Services knew there were opportunities for improvement, and depended on Unisource to identify them and make the park a healthier, safer environment for guests and employees.


The long-term Unisource client is a large entertainment theme park with three distinct environments and a daily average attendance of 18,000 guests. It is also one of the largest single users of janitorial chemical and disposable products in North America.


The Director of Park Services approached Unisource with the desire to make the park a more environmentally friendly facility. The Client was looking for answers to the following questions:

  1. What is our current green footprint?
  2. What current products have a greener alternative?
  3. What level of training will changing products require?

The Director knew there were multiple opportunities for improvement but needed to formulate an overall plan of action. The park’s goal was a healthier, safer environment for guests and employees, as well as being more in line with its parent company's sustainability standards.


The Unisource Facilities Supplies teams conducted green audits of all three park environments utilizing LEED criteria to ensure consistency of reviews. Data was compiled on the restrooms, stores and restaurants, warehouse, and a general park survey. A list of prioritized recommendations were structured into three implementation categories: initiatives that are relatively quick and inexpensive to implement; initiatives that require a longer planning horizon; and initiatives that need to go through the formal budgeting process.


The sustainability efforts of the park have been dramatically enhanced through the expanded use of green cleaning products, lighter and less bulky maintenance materials that create less waste, and an improved recycling program. The cleanliness of public spaces will be greatly enhanced with special floor mats and labor costs will be reduced as better maintenance equipment is deployed.

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