​Green products become a key component for Orange Coast College to remain a sustainability leader among campuses across the nation.


Orange Coast College (OCC) is a community college located in Costa Mesa, California. Founded in 1947, the school has a current enrollment of over 24,800 students enrolled in more than 130 academic and career programs, including one of the nation’s largest and most acclaimed public nautical programs. OCC began its sustainability efforts back in 1970 with the opening of its own fixed recycling center which today also services the local Costa Mesa community.


With its “Healthy School” campaign, OCC is a leader in sustainability efforts underway throughout educational institutions in the State of California. OCC is the first college in California to have its own fixed recycling center. The recycling center is completely self sufficient and does not receive or require any funds from the school budget. In fact, in a recent fiscal year the recycling center was able to return approximately $160,000 to the school and still fund staff salaries and supplies from earned profits. OCC has achieved great success with its sustainability efforts over the past 40+ years and continually looks for ways to make daily campus life more environmentally friendly and safe for everyone.


OCC turned to Unisource’s local office in La Palma, California to be a strategic partner in its “Healthy School” campaign. In the drive to go “green”, Unisource worked with OCC to convert the school to green cleaning chemicals and cleaning procedures through a variety of sustainable solutions from Unisource for everyday use. The products include Unisource respect™ Glass, Unisource Neutral Floor Cleaner, 3M Express Scrub, 3M Easy Trap, 3M Matting, Kimberly Clark EPA approved Roll Towels, and Unisource Multifold and Toilet Tissue. Unisource is proud to be one important component of a larger plan for integrating “greener” solutions into the daily lives of students, faculty and staff on the OCC campus. Part of that plan also included the installation of water-efficient toilets, auto shut-off water faucets, energy-efficient lighting, recycling containers placed throughout the campus, “smart” thermostat controls, water reclamation, and low-irrigation vegetation.


Overall, the “Healthy School” campaign has had a significant positive impact on campus life and OCC’s sustainability and environmental efforts have received a very favorable response from faculty, staff and students alike. It is estimated that the college will save approximately $12,000 per year in chemical use alone. And OCC plans to continue to utilize green products as a key component to remain a sustainability leader among campuses across the nation.


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