Eliminate the time-consuming, manual process of inventory management. Our advanced SmartSync hand-held scanning tool allows you to spend less time ordering, while insuring proper stocking levels.

SmartSync integrates bar-code technology for auto replenishment and inventory management. Abolish frequent inventory counting with pen and paper – along with the resulting errors – to improve order fulfillment and reduce stock-outs. SmartSync supports the following inventory methods:

  • Kanban (just-in-time ordering)
  • Min/Max stocking program
  • Point-and-Scan ordering
  • Inventory counts

Our eBusiness specialists work closely with you to design the best strategy to implement SmartSync based on your procurement objectives. We review the complexity of your ordering process, methods to automate your manual tasks along with the number of products involved. Then, we recommend the best solution to streamline your ordering process.

Is SmartSync Right for You?

SmartSync is a great tool if you:

  • Order a consistent set of products
  • Use a blanket purchase order (although not a requirement)
  • Are a direct consignment customer
  • Are a Vendor Managed Inventory account

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SmartSync Inventory Control

SmartSync is powerful technology that fits in the palm of your hand.

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