Unisource inbound logistics

​Looking for a way to reduce expenses and increase your company’s profitability? The Unisource Inbound Logistics team can help you achieve your profit goals.

Our experts enable you to take a fresh look at the way you’re doing business. We can help you solve even your toughest logistics issues through state-of-the-art tools and better management of both internal and external resources.​

Our team can assist in the following areas:


Our network of worldwide agents can arrange freight shipments from almost anywhere in the world and once it arrives in the U.S., we will handle all of your customs clearance, delivery and warehousing needs – all this at competitive prices.


By leveraging our national network of more than 85 distribution centers and our transportation infrastructure, Unisource Logistics Solutions customers are able to turn high-cost less-than-truckload inbound shipments into much more economical consolidated truckload shipments.

Cross Docking

Cross-docking significantly reduces Supply Chain expenses by shipping in bulk to any one of our distribution centers where smaller, “final mile” loads are created. We also handle additional value-added services such as labeling, sorting, repackaging, or product assembly.

Reverse Logistics

Unisource Logistics Solutions will demonstrate how to turn reverse logistics into a strategic asset that can reduce your overall expenses, instead of just being a cost of doing business.

Intermodal Transportation

We have skilled professionals trained in intermodal systems to help you reduce cargo handling, improve security, reduce damage and losses, and allow freight to be transported faster.

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