​Unisource customers are reaping the benefits of our turnkey solution for kitting and logistics operations which results in lower inventory and overhead.


The “feel-good” story of Kenzie-Covers LLC began in 2006 when founder Rick Levin took his 32 years of teen fashion experience and chose to make a positive difference in the lives of children facing difficult medical challenges. Kenzie-Covers produces kid-friendly designed overlays for surgical masks worn by children who have compromised immune systems as a result of cancer treatments. Kenzie-Covers is proud to donate a portion of all proceeds to the Cool Kids Campaign.


Unisource was approached by an entrepreneur with a very special and unique product he had recently patented. He had created a way to customize the surgical masks that prevent the spreading of airborne germs with the application of a decorative mask cover. The “special” part is that the designs are for children with cancer or any type of immunosuppressive condition, even susceptibility to flu and other viruses. The goal of the product was to make sick children feel more comfortable wearing a mask so they can fit in, and to make professionals in pediatric medicine look more kid friendly. The challenge was to find a sterile, breathable, peel-and-stick cover that could be used to create a variety of fun and colorful mask covers.


In partnership with the Strouse Corporation, a current strategic supplier and 3M specialty adhesive converter, we were able to design and manufacture the printed mask covers using medically approved materials and FDA-approved, water-based inks. From there we designed and provided all of the primary and secondary packaging, and are sourcing the 3M respirators. Unisource is also handling the kitting of the components as well as managing the operations of all third party logistics.


Kenzie-Covers is reaping the benefits of our turnkey solution for all kitting and third party logistics operations which results in lower inventory and warehousing costs, as well as reduced overhead and labor costs. This outsourced solution enables the client to focus their time and efforts on their core strength which is marketing and selling the product. But probably most important of all is making the lives of children with cancer a bit brighter and a little more fun!


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