Take your packaging for a test drive to ensure its performance by subjecting it to the rigors of the Unisource Engineered Solutions ISTA®-certified testing labs.

Unisource Engineered Solutions operates testing labs certified by ISTA® (International Safe Transit Association). Our engineers simulate the range of stresses packaging must withstand in distribution channels, analyze performance to identify areas for improvement and test proposed solutions to ensure product will arrive to its destination in as-made condition.

Approved tests include:

  • Performance tests (Pass/Fail)
  • Development tests for packaging comparisons
  • Vibration tests
  • Shock tests
  • Compression tests
  • Burst tests
  • Environmental Recorder
  • Drop tests

And if you involve us in your product design process, we can bring even more value. We can perform these same tests on your product to determine product fragility. From there, you may decide to make your product more rugged to reduce packaging cost. We feel that no other supplier can match this service.


Unisource packaging testing
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Testing Equipment Specs

​Specifications for Unisource compression, drop, shock, and vibration testing equipment.

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