Unisource Engineered Solutions’ team of structural engineers is driven by packaging innovation and your objectives.

Our engineers stay focused on your packaging goals and are dedicated to creating the optimal packaging for your product.

Aided by state-of-the-art technology and our ISTA®-certified testing labs, we can deliver structural design that will protect your product from the rigors of transportation and the market. At the same time we will work with you to optimizing package weight and use of material to help drive unnecessary transportation costs.

Involve us in your product design and we can help you reduce packaging costs even further by designing with sizes, weights, and materials that are optimal for transportation, distribution, and retail environments, while helping to minimize environmental footprint of your package.

Unisource Engineered Solutions structural design and engineering features:

  • Material sourcing and planning
  • Printing and production management
  • Strategic direct manufacturing relationships
  • Conceptual visualization using digital 2D and 3D renderings, full-size mock-ups and retail planograms
  • Existing packaging evaluation and cost analysis

Unisource has the accomplished structural designers and engineers you are looking for.

Unisource structural design
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