Our in-depth materials knowledge and commitment to developing a package that works best for your product guide material selection for your packaging.

You can trust us to specify the very best materials for your packaging. Why should you extend us this trust?

Being material-neutral is big for us. With strategic supplier relationships we have established and continue to develop across the industry, we have no bias for one packaging material over another, except for what works best for your product and ensured packaging performance. We collaborate with a wide range of packaging suppliers to ensure you have access to every conceivable packaging material, from coated board to corrugated to plastics to rapidly renewable substrates.

Not only do these relationships keep us material-neutral, but they have made our engineers expert in the pros and cons of each substrate. We stay informed on the latest innovations in packaging materials - this way we are sure to select the very best material available for your packaging.

Unisource material neutral
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