At Unisource, we know you value your products – developed and produced with great care – they deserve the same level of consideration when it comes to their packaging.

Our packaging experts work closely with you to develop that perfect packaging solution for your unique product. Whether you need a plain corrugated shipper to protect your products from the rigors of transportation, a folding carton to capture the consumer's attention or a complex retail-ready display to make your product standout from the competition, all complying with your retailer’s requirements, we will design the best packaging for your required application. From product protection to dynamic graphic presentation enhancing your brand, Unisource is ready to make it happen.

Corrugated Solutions

Consumer Packaging Corrugated SolutionsWhen your products require a corrugated container to ship, store or protect them, our packaging experts can create the perfect solution for your needs. We leverage our strong sourcing relationships to produce your corrugated to exacting specifications, especially if you use automated packaging equipment. From a simple, regular shipping container to a high-end graphic application, Unisource can deliver. In addition, our product and logistics professionals help to evaluate and manage your entire packaging process. Our corrugated specialists will ensure you have the right container, whether you are shipping your products or produce from the fields or manufacturing facility to a distribution center or a store. We will help you choose the solution that is right for your operation and ensure your products withstand the rigors of the distribution chain and arrive where they need to be in an as-made condition.

Folding Carton Solutions

Consumer Packaging Folding Carton SolutionsWhen your products require more than a plain corrugated solution, our packaging experts will work to develop a folding carton solution that can strengthen your brand identity and increase product appeal. By harnessing the powers of graphic design, structural engineering, coating technology, high-end printing and finishing, we can design solutions to preserve, protect and display your product with the ultimate purpose to capture the consumer's attention.

Be on the leading edge of sustainable packaging technology by reducing the plastic content in your product’s packaging. EarthShield™ coating contains up to 50% less plastic than standard extrusion coated barrier packaging, while delivering barrier properties that are superior to traditional poly (LDPE) with regard to moisture vapor transmission rate, as well as oil and grease resistance. EarthShield™ is FDA-compliant for direct food contact, including frozen, refrigerated, baked and dry foods. EarthShield™ coating enables use of high recycled fiber content paper in applications requiring high quality graphics. To learn more about EarthShield™, email to

Engineered Solutions

Consumer Packaging Engineered SolutionWhen your products require a custom solution based upon your unique specifications, our team can leverage the extensive resources of Unisource Engineered Solutions Centers to develop a packaging solution worthy of the challenge. Taking advantage of leading edge technologies, ISTA®-certified testing facilities, innovative structural engineering, inspired graphic design and rapid prototyping capabilities, our packaging experts will collaborate with you to design a superior custom packaging solution.

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