Unisource packaging products

From packaging consumables and equipment to integrated packaging systems and packaging engineering, we’ve got what it takes to help you run your packaging operations efficiently, safely and sustainably.

At Unisource, we learn your business, develop recommendations based on your goals and deliver strategically sound packaging solutions that help increase productivity and lower costs. Our environmentally friendly solutions are high quality, high performance and backed up by Unisource Customer Service Centers serving every major North American market.

Corrugated Solutions

Unisource offers corrugated and returnable plastic container solutions, state-of-the-art branded products, custom design, testing and training.
Learn more about our corrugated programs.

Flexible Packaging Films

Our hand wrap and machine flexible packaging films come in a variety of gauges and colors to suit every wrapping application.
Learn more about our flexible packaging films.

Protective Packaging

Unisource protective packaging solutions provide surface protection, cushioning, blocking and bracing and void fill.
Learn more about our protective packaging.


For sealing shipping cartons, protecting components from moisture and repairing plastics are examples of Unisource’s wide tape selection.
Learn more about our packaging tapes and tools.

Packaging Automation and Equipment

Unisource packaging equipment solutions include single function machines, fully automated systems, branded solutions and existing equipment enhancements.
Learn more about Packaging Automation and Equipment.

Packaging Engineering and Design

Material-neutral product packaging, including retail-ready packaging, from the Unisource Engineered Solutions Centers is designed to create high impact, drive revenue and lower costs.
Learn more about our creative packaging design.

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