​Unisource designs a UN/DOT-approved returnable container that protects tens of thousands of dollars of lithium-ion batteries - each trip.


A Packaging Solution That Delivers Every Time

The client manufactures proprietary lithium-ion car batteries. Lithium-ion batteries, used in electric cars, are lighter than other batteries and can transfer more power at a lower current. Lithium ion batteries are one of the most viable alternatives to fossil fuels.


The client's business model requires the batteries to be shipped in returnable containers. Because each container's contents are worth almost $50,000, the container must protect the batteries every single trip. The batteries are also subject to UN and DOT regulation during shipping. The container must pass UN certification and DOT approval for CFR Title 49 specifications.


The Unisource packaging team embraced the challenge. Our material-neutral approach allowed us to select a
metal and plastic design that protected the batteries and met the UN and DOT requirements. The container was designed to interface with the client's automated, robotic systems as well.


With the Unisource-engineered returnable container, the client's business strategy worked as planned. The lithium ion batteries were shipped safely and efficiently. And the containers perform as designed, returning value on the client's investment every shipment.

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