​When your product is worth millions of dollars a unit, your packaging must never fail. That's why this high-tech leader came to Unisource for their custom packaging solution.


Delivering High Tech Across the Globe

Our client provides enterprise-level data management solutions for organizations who measure their data in petabytes. Thousands of employees work together in more than 100 countries to develop best-in-class information systems for 70 percent of the Fortune 100. The client ships more than 21,000 data controllers worldwide.


The hardware shipped includes high-end data storage units worth millions of dollars. Obviously, any damage to these sensitive electronic components during international shipment has a tremendous impact on the client's bottom line.The client came to Unisource with this challenge: develop a packaging solution to ship their products safely.


Unisource's packaging design team analyzed the situation. The delicate data storage units needed to be protected from not only from physical impacts, but prolonged vibration that occurs during shipping. Our packaging team designed custom foam cushioning to dampen the vibration and prevent damage.

Then a special crate was built from engineered wood to carry the foam-protected hardware. The material selection exempted the packaging from international phytosanitary regulations. The crate includes an integrated ramp for loading and unloading the unit, which is on casters.


The effect the Unisource packaging solution had on our client's shipping was dramatic. Damage during shipping dropped to virtually zero, with no delay from regulatory inspection. The client immediately adopted our solution for all shipments. Now instead of some profit diverting to replace damaged shipments, all profit is delivered to the bottom line.

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