​Hundreds of commercial-grade hard drives must be safely delivered to the production line. Unisource delivers a solution that reduces waste and improves productivity.


Physical Storage for Digital Storage

Our client provides enterprise-level data management solutions for organizations who measure their data in petabytes. Thousands of employees work together in more than 100 countries to develop best-in-class information systems for 70 percent of the Fortune 100. The client ships more than 21,000 data controllers worldwide.


Not only do the client's data systems have massive capacity, but they are physically large and complex as well. One stage of manufacturing requires hundreds of commercial-grade hard drives at an assembly cell on the production line. Worth a combined $175K, the hard drives must be protected from the dangers inherent to an industrial facility floor, including static discharge.


Unisource designed a custom steel and aluminum cart to transport 256 hard drives simultaneously. Our packaging team engineered the cart so that it is grounded for static discharge, and included dissipative foam for further protection.


Using the cart, the client now enjoys fewer material handling trips during production, increasing productivity. The drives are better protected by the heavy-duty cart, reducing waste. And the cart doubles as mobile medium-term storage, reducing the time needed to pull hard drives from inventory.

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