​Unisource works with a produce wholesaler and its agency to design functional, brand-strengthening packaging.


Crossroads Fresh Connection (CFC) is a leading regional produce wholesaler headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Founded in 2010, CFC services a number of finer supermarkets and other clients across a four-state region out of its 47,000+ square-foot operation. CFC is well known for its top quality fruits and vegetables.


As a produce wholesaler, it is mission critical for CFC’s fruits and vegetables to arrive at their destination completely fresh and undamaged. The packaging needs to be not only durable in order to protect the contents but also maintain a high aesthetic quality in terms of display to properly reflect the CFC brand. The company had been working with an alternative packaging vendor but was disappointed with the new packaging concept they proposed.


The Unisource team met with CFC to understand their specific needs and challenges. Utilizing its in-house structural design expertise, Unisource’s Packaging Division and the UES Engineering Solutions Center in Cerritos, California created the “Fruit Crate” in collaboration with Organi Studios, a Tulsa branding and design firm. The Harvest Crate is a unique solution that addressed both the stringent packaging and display requirements of CFC in a very creative way. The Fruit Crate consists of five parts: a double box that houses two inner moveable trays and a single box with one moveable inner tray. All trays can be adjusted to maximize the visual effect of the produce display for the consumer. For CFC, the Fruit Crate solution was “love at first sight” and a successful collaborative effort among the entire team.


The structural design of the Fruit Crate has minimized potential damage to the fruits and vegetables during shipment. In combination with the branding and graphic design, the Fruit Crate has become a strategic value add for CFC’s business development efforts with the supermarkets they serve.

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