​Our client set a production output record the first day their Unisource solution was put into production.


Improved Productivity

Marianna Industries manufactures and packages a wide range of health and beauty products primarily serving the professional beauty industry. One of their large markets is manufacturing private-branded products for other companies including Seabreeze, Vitalis and Infusium. Marianna also offers complete fulfillment and public warehousing services to its customers.


Marianna’s business has continued to grow despite the slow economic conditions. As a result, they were challenged to increase the speed of one of their production lines in order to keep pace with the aggressive production schedule. A weak link in their production process was the use of an old competitive bundling system. Bundling various products in quantities of three, four and six, they needed to achieve minimum run rates of 200 bottles per minute through the system.


We partnered with one of our strategic suppliers, ARPAC, to engineer a shrink bundling system to address the specific needs of this client. The solution was based on ARPAC’s 45CM 40D Flight Bar Shrink Bundler which offers quick and versatile multi-packing. This inline flight bar bundler features a lane dividing in-feed system that dispenses products into a preconfigured number of rows, and simultaneously bundles the products to produce the desired multi-pack. This client opportunity was the result of a very competitive win against several strong suppliers in the industry and would not have been possible without the strong strategic supplier partnerships that we have in place.


Marianna set a production output record the first day the new ARPAC shrink bundler was put into production. Exceptional customer service provided through our support staff has ensured the client continues to realize their maximum production capabilities.

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