​Unisources delivers millions of dollars in savings through supply chain sourcing and logistics.


This “beefy” client is a leader in the meat packing and processing industry. We service four of the client’s operating plants where various cuts and grades of meats are packed and shipped for the distributor market, who in turn sells directly to butchers, restaurants and grocery stores.


Simply put, the client believed their production costs were excessive and was searching for opportunities to streamline their operations and reduce their overall manufacturing costs with best-in-class solutions.


Unisource collaborated with a supplier partner who is a technological leader in innovative flexible packaging solutions. Our international technical teams worked closely with our supplier partner to convert the client to Unisource-supplied shrink bags from their incumbent provider as an integral component of their lowest total cost solution. Our Value Proposition emphasized both hard cost savings, significantly reducing the client’s on-hand inventories of shrink bags, as well as the outstanding customer support offered through the technical expertise of the Unisource and its supplier partner teams.


In total, we delivered over $1 million in material savings to the client while dramatically reducing their on-hand inventory. In Canada we improved the client’s cash flow position $750,000 through reduction of their inventory from 12-16 weeks to one week. The remaining inventory is stocked at our Calgary warehouse. In the U.S. we reduced the client’s on-hand inventory from 6-8 weeks to next-day. In addition, Unisource and its supplier partner developed a Strategic Service Support Program that provides weekly technical consulting for the shrink bags and the equipment through which the film runs. This program virtually eliminates unexpected downtime.

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