Manufactured in North America, Starbrite® Opaque Ultra is a leading, high-bright Value Opaque with superior shade, opacity and print quality.

Unisource's Starbrite® offers excellent press performance and sheet formation with a brightness of 96 and a true white shade. With enhanced opacity on the 50, 60 and 70 pound sheets, Starbrite® Opaque Ultra delivers vibrant image quality seen in rich colors and type that is sharp and skin-tones that are true to life.

Starbrite® is a paper crafted to the meet the demanding environmental standards of FSC® thus providing you the product needed to meet your customer’s ever growing demands.

Paper Features:

  • 96 bright
  • Excellent opacity
  • Broad selection of weights and sizes
  • Digital grade cut-size is guaranteed for laser and inkjet
  • Paper is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Now available in a variety of weights and sizes, Starbrite® offers consistent performance on press and is versatile in a variety of applications.

Visit to learn more about how Starbrite Opaque Ultra and the Lakeshore Foundation make the impossible, possible.

Starbrite® Opaque Ultra Promotions

Lakeshore Foundation

QuestionFor a fifth consecutive year Unisource has partnered with the Lakeshore Foundation to share and promote their amazing cause through an impactful book printed on our very own Starbrite® Opaque Ultra brand.


This book takes the reader through the journeys of several Lakeshore members who have been empowered by the support of others and have overcome the impossible. The book inspires potential donors to recognize that they could do much more than give to a cause. They could transform another human being.

Visit to learn more and order your copy.

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